Best SEO techniques to bring you fortune of traffic in 2018. 60 plus SEO tips explained. Step by step.

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important thing to be done in order to make your website famous and gain high rankings in google too. Thus go on for SEo. If you are new yo may ask what is SEO?, I would rather say to go through the post to get complete details, Still Seo is thing which gives you google rankings. Its Simple, better the SEO better will be your rankings in google. Just go on for the seo and make your website flow and make a traffic fortune in 2018. Start following the tips now and soon you will have a great traffic fortune and you will be enough to make a proper SEO for your  website.

Here is the step by step explanation for  the best way to make seo for your website. Grab a cup of coffee because this is a way too long post as i have covered all points that one should keep in mind from the very first time when you actually search for a keyword good enough or your SEO continuing with a detailed steps to be followed further.

Don’t wait go on and start reading , this post will make all the questions in your mind clear. and you will be sufficient enough to make a good seo for your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword researches are the base for starting your SEO( Search Engine Optimization ) for anythhing you want. Keyword reseach is necessary because it gives you the idea of what users are interested in more and gain more traffic, rather sometimes you write any post without having the idea of whats going on and depends on your luck for your post.

Here are some stating points for keyword research you might be interested upon and will surely boost your SEO:

1. Optimizing and Targeting the Correct keyword.

There are three main common mistakes that people make normally when writing their post i.e.

  • Fail to optimize any keyword.
  • An Attempt to optimize too many keyword.
  • Making optimization for keywords that are irrelevant.

The target should be made on making one post on focusing single keyword on a single post. It is important to target one keyword rather then many keywords in a post, as search engine bots gets confused in too many posts and ranks only one post with that high keywords. This may lead to search bots rank some other page rather then the original that you want to be ranked.

A good practice on making the good keyword for the post is by taking as many advice as you can in order to get the correct keyword to your writing. the advice of your friends about your writing can make the correct calculation for the right keyword that must be focused. However, the best way to research about the keywords is google them before even you are thinking to write about something. targeting and researching the keyword properly on google makes you to understand of what the people are looking for and in what manner does google seeks to see your post.

2.  Avoid Keyword Unicorns

During conducting your researches for the keywords, you may ind some attractive and traffic seeking keywords or juicy keywords.  But it does not mean that  a keyword that  seems to be attractive and high volume  gives you a rank for your site. You should rather focus on the intent due to which a keyword gets its traffic or search volume.

Let us take an example for the keyword research conditions that will make you understand more . For example, “Google Analytics”, is a good keyword which has a good search volume daily, and seems to be the keyword that can be ranked for as the search volume for the keyword google analytics is more then 1 million per month only in USA. But since you know that the majority of the people looks around for sign in in google analytics, thus the people that are intending to sign into google analytics, will not even to bother the second results. This makes he searchable keyword non juicy and traffic repellent.

Rather , the keyword that rank for google analytics is ” how to use google analytics? “. this keyword scores 1900 monthly searches that makes the more traffic then to the earlier discussed topic. Thus a website  containing the complete guide about how to use google analytics will certainly make the traffic for the users who are really interested in learning anything else rather then clicking on the search analytics login or sign up.

Thats why we should search and research for the relevant keyword that intend to make a valuable search that gives you business, as the revenue from ad-sense totally depends on the type of the people you are targeting.

There are some points to keep in mind before searching the Keywords. i.e.:

  • People must have been searching the keyword relevantly on which you are planning to write on.
  • There should be a clear way to convert traffic into leads and money making posts.
  • Is there enough search volume to the keyword on which you are following upon form your business point of view.
  • Search volume for the Keyword in your targeting country.

If possible you agree to these points and understand the keyword research then surely you can make a good keyword to write upon.

3. Search for Less Competition Keywords and target to rank best on them.

The new websites run and have a low authority, thus making it very much difficult to rank for the harder competitive keywords. Its nothing like that difficult that it seems to be. It is just the case of finding a topic that is less available on internet and further creating a super awesome new content. Finally with promoting that content like crazy, it will make ranking for the website. the ranking so achieved will soon intend to take your website to a higher level. This makes a way to your first target to start with in case of making of a new website. This will prove to be the quickest way to grow traffic on your website.

4. Know about the keyword that is ranking for your competitor website and steal the traffic to your own site.

Here is the catch, you can check for the keywords that your competitor is ranking for around the web and the traffic its driving in the real time, and you just simply drag that traffic to your own website, will certainly make your website to pro level. Using content explorer websites like ahrefs, leads you to simply gives you the details about the keyword that your competitor website is  ranking for and driving the traffic from the internet. This will make you to create more better content then that of your competitor website and thus further makes your rankings high on the google or other search engines. Use the site and content explorer option for any website and you can make it a good SEO options for your website.

5. keep check on your competitor for their new publishing content and further make some more researches on it.

Its one of the another good way to make the research for your great keyword for great content. You should keep a deep look onto the content of your competitors website, and check on the keywords are using to make the post boost. Thus this way you can also keep upto certain levels of website ranking by stealing the keyword and preparing more better and detailed content for your website.

6.  Look for the true traffic potential for your keywords to rank 1.

Almost all the heavy traffic gaining website gains their traffic by long tail keywords rather then small keywords for their SEO techniques. A single post may contain different types of the keywords stuffed from which the main keyword have the lesser search volume then that of long tail keywords that are being used in the post to rank upon along with the major keyword.

For example,

The keyword “best VPN” has a search volume of 105K. But if you scroll more then you will notice that the keywords like ” Best VPN of 2017″, or ” Best VPN services to use”  have more traffic potential hen that of the normal “VPN” keyword search. Because the page is ranking for many long-tail variations, the true traffic potential for “best VPN” far exceeds the reported search volume.

7. Cover up the content gap.

Content gap is basically the gap and difference between the related keywords in the content. Simply consider it like that , if you are focusing any one of the keyword, then the related keywords to hat keywords also make the content more searchable. these are the long tail and related keywords that should be focused upon. Thus cover up all of your content gap and make your post more responsive for keywords search.

8. Answerable Content.

Sites like Quora deals in Question and Answers. This is a great way to get to know about the keywords for which the people have questions in their mind and then answer that question with a unique content in your post. this will also become a good strategy to boost the keywords or your post with proper SEO and keywords.

The hing and he trick to get the best keyword out is by looking for he more frequently asked questions. The questions which are more frequently are one of the content that have very less answers to it. Thus this will surely boost your website ranking for providing a good set of answers. Is simple the questions for which google do not show good answer are surely the one that have to be answered and will get certain google ranking.

Heres one more method. When searching for the keyword on the google , and google shows the FAQ type of website, for example showing a result for keyword in google with top 3 or 4 ranks acquired by website like quora, then it is a good opportunity for the keyword as it will definitely help in making the good rankable post for google.


If we search upon the keyword ” SEO leads”, giving about 500 search traffic monthly for any keyword. Thus making a awsome conent on SEO leads can build up your traffic by ranking one on the google if your content is unique and have proper SEO and keyword research done.


Earlier you read about the keyword research and method to apply best SEO tips into making a correct keyword research for your content. After you have grabbed all types of keywords, its the time to make some content around those keywords. Making a unique content for the keyword you researched could only lead you to the next process of grabbing website traffic.  Anyways content is necessary to be published in order to make some earnings through.

9. Content Ideas for your Keyword

After gathering all the searchable keywords you move to another step that is content writing. Its the problem with many user that they easily grab the keywords but then lacks in the ideas to generate enough content to generate proper SEO and web traffic onto their page. Thus the best way is to use the content explorer ( Search google for content explorer ) by simply entering the keywords and then thoroughly reading the results shown. The content explorer simplyy make the highest visited pages the top result by which you can grab the type of content that can be created for any referred keyword.

Yet another simple option is to simply search the keyword into google and look on for the the content that google ranks the pages for the rest respected keywords. It could be a good and nice option to simply get the idea about how you are going too make the content fr your keyword.

10.Case studies

Using real world case studies that can further describe your content to the users along with the targeted keywords is also another way to create a unique content. Case studies are made by considering actual data and advancements of the keyword in future and present positions. Thus case studies is also a good example and card to play along with the complete focus on the keyword boosting.

11. Write a Unique introduction and starting lines to make reader to read further.

Now when you publish upon your post, you simply get a new chance to attract new audience to your content. Now the introduction of the content must be strong and attractive enough to simply make readers stick to your post and become further curious to check out the rest of the content. This only happens when you have made a strong appealing introduction to your blog post in order to make more money by making user to stick to your page.

following are the tips to be kept in mind in order to make your introduction:

  • Keep your introduction content short. this will make much easier to the readers that what the content is talking about.
  • The content should be made to hook the users so that they stay onto your page for a while at-least.
  • Another tip s to give a bit detail and keep a bi of detail to the end of the post in order to make the user read whole of the topic in search of his answer.
  • No amount of “tricks” will work unless you make sure that your page definitely answers all queries for which it ranks.

12. Make a easily readable and understandable content.

readers typically do not like the pages where they visit for some query and just find a huge lst of words written. This makes the readers bored. Thus the content should be attractive and well formatted in order to make the content understandable and interesting to be read. here are few tips which will help your content to make the proper SEO strategy for your webpage.

  • Partition up your content. Make Headings , Sub , headings, points, etc in order to divide your content into different readable slots. This will help in SEO.
  • Write in short and simple sentences, do not attempt to make lengthy paragraphs.
  • you can write your content in a manner like you are telling a story or explaining something to the readers with logical reasons.
  • Use bullets and pointers or numbers and make your content more with points rather then paragraphs.
  • Give pause in the content with inserting some useful and linked images .

13. Don’t target to increase the word count unnecessary.

Increasing the word count in order to simply make the post bigger is not gonna help in your SEO techniques. No matter that the word count of he post is lesser, it is clearly a myth that it more words gets more SEO for the content. Rather it is better to make the less word and give readers their straight answer for what they are seeking for.

14. Outwards Linking

Giving the outbound links while you are working on the content will make high seo ranking to you too. Giving outbound links to high, competitive and authoritative webpages to relevant to the content you are writing is another way to increase the traffic to your website too. You should build some sort of relationship to the owner of other websites too. There is a little correlation between the google ranking factor and the outbound links that your website is still giving. Giving outbound lnks also is a good way to simply boost up the SEO of your blog or website.

Google typically looks at your outbound links when there is not enough ranking to your website. Thus making a good and meaningful related to the content outbound link will prove you with  good example of making a traffic and boosting your SEO for website.

On Page-SEO

Prepared a great content for your webpage, it is not enough. You should also do On Page SEO fr our content. There are any ways to make on page SEO, and if you are not too much good in making on page SEO, Then you can use certain plugins like Yoast’s free SEo plugin or other competitive ones, in order to get your on page  seo done for the content that you are creating.

15. Use main Content Keyword in the title of post.

There are many pages and posts that have no direct correlations with the tittle tag or keyword in the title still rank for their keywords present in the content. It just happens when you simply have a good ranking in your website, google bot frequently make updated about the content on the websites with high rankings. Since I am pretty sure you are reading this content means that you are new to SEO.

I would rather recommend the new websites to make correlation between the Title and Content in your niche. so make sure that ever post on your website atleast have one keyword embeded in the uniquely written title. Try to make the same with the tags column too.

16. Write unique title content that attract users to click on.

When you start ranking on the google pages, it is quite simple to make the users at least click on your ranked page. This will lead to improve the rankings in the google. This all can be done when you have a attractive title that makes the users to make a click upon. This makes your title a magnet to search engines and also makes the users curious to make click on the post and in return boost your SEO to make more earnings.

Google offers only 55 characers to be written as a title  n their search engine. Make these 55 characters some more attractive and exciting one. make your title grab the emotions of the users. You can also check for facebook pages, for getting the ideas to make the attention seeking title.

You can make and prepare 2 to 3 titles for your post and further check and select the one that best fits in the content with keywords.If all the page titles in your niche follow a certain format, then doing something different can make your titles stand out in the SERPs. And standing out can gain you some extra clicks.

17. Use Purchase and review related keywords in Titles on E-Commerce site.

Maintaining an E-commerce website, then surely you will be needing the customers to come too your page when they have decided to make some purchase. Lets take an Example here:

Suppose someone is looking to buy iPhone X, Then he will make these probable searches;

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone X review
  • iPhone X discounts
  • iPhone X buy now
  • Buy iPhone X at cheap prices.

Here in he case you can notice that someone searching for iphone X along with ‘buy’ keyword is more intended to make a search. thus you should make your titles much attractive like they seeks the attention of the user to make click and grab your offer.

Use formats like;

“Buy iPhone X online at ***$”


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Best Antivirus for MAC

Best PC Driver Update Software

Best Android Phones 2017

25 Key Hidden features of iOS 11 you must know

18. Improve CTR by Avoiding Meta Tag Truncation in the SEO

Title tags have 512-Characters to play with in desktop search results, after which they will truncate. Meta descriptions are similar, they generally truncate at around 923-Characters. Keep your title tags around 512-Characters and meta descriptions around 923-Characters truncation in the search results. A good rule of thumb is keep your title tags <55 characters and meta descriptions <155.

19. Describe your content in meta description

The Meta description that you make in the post is like the advertisement to your post giving the correct and right way to have the perfect advertisement to your post content when someone searches the post related.

however sometimes google simply pick some random text from your content to match the search that user have made. In such cases also a meta description is one of the good way to attract users for more clicks. Write a unique, compelling meta description for each page on your site, that communicates USPs/value, and entices clicks.

Talking of meta description keep a check on, and make changes with the time as with time type of searches also changes.

20. Give priority in making a Unique content.

People visit your website because of the content you have posted there.  Thus the meta and search results must display the post as one of the needs of the user search and user finds  it attractive enough to make a perfect answer to what one might be looking into. your content should be detailed enough to make the user read it and spend tie on your written post.

You should make sure that you have a visible title and related to the content so that user finds it more appealing to be read upon.

Also you should take care of keeping the content in that way that it do not distracts the user from reading the content more better. Annoying popups with many of labelled ads distracts the attention of he user and make him feels to switch he website for his answers. Delayed and new window popups hat appears after a bit when user is on the page can make you a good amount of clicks to hit more money. Another method is to keep the check on an type of Interstitial ads. these are the add hat covers the complete mobile screen when user is navigating the post and mostly is been clicked by he user by mistake. however these clicks shows good amount of money in your account but google has now started to ban the websites with ore of Interstitial Ads.

21. Website should look friendly on all devices

Your website should be friendly in looks with all the devices. It should have proper alignment no matter which screen size you are using. The flicks and flaws should not appear. Basically your mobile device should be well optimized for mobile device.

22. Google Image searches SEO

Image searches made on google can also drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. most oftenly for someone is intending to buy anything, then usually the user makes the search on google for images first, making and boosting the SEO for images also makes the high website search ability.

However the google bot are still not smart enough gather what images are talking about. Thus you need to tell the google about the images. In order to make google know about the images you are using in your blog post, you should add a descriptive alt text about the image in order to make the image listing. Make the image name and descriptive alt text in manner that it clearly describes what image s about and also contains the keyword for which image is used.

Also the images used in the post must be properly optimized in order to make them light so that they can simply become less in size and are quicker to be downloaded. Use plugins like Imagify or Wp smush to optimize the images properly.

23. Use Short URLs.

We should make the URLs short in size, and descriptive in nature. This will also help you out in the searches and also become one of the tip for SEO on the page. Shorter URLs look beter, gives a bit of benefit in on-page SEO.

24. Lessen the use of Boilerplate Texts

Boilerplate Text mainly refers to the text that are repeating in the text again and again. for Example if you are writing a content of 500 words then there may be 50 repeating words in one or the other manner. When these repeating words appear again and again, then certainly those 500 words will become irrelevant for google bots and they will crust the searches of those appearing words. This all happens because of the reason that google thinks hat from 500 words content we have only 10% of relevant content rest is useless. This will lead to bad effect on your SEO for your website.

25. Local SEO targeting.

Your contact details should be easy to be found.By adding your contact details as in the footer of every page will also makes it more relevant in terms of SEO. This will send positive and trusted signals to google and since you are sharing your details , google finds your page to be a trusted one and makes it more relevant to its SEO.

26. Select a Brandable domain name

You should be choosing your domain that looks brandable rather then that adding a keyword in your domain. Somehow using the keywords in domain effects very less on the google. Thus tru using a brandable domain rather opting for domains like

27. Improve website Loading Speed.

The Speed or the time that a page takes to load is one of the another ranking factor or your website when talking in terms of SEO. On google basically a faster loading pages simply outranks the slower loading page.

In order t make and check the loading speed of your pages, you need to test of the loading speed on the pages. You can simply conduct the speed loading test on the page by Google Pagespeed Insight. It not only gives the results for your page speed but also helps in suggesting the changes that shall be made upon the webpage to improve its speed more.

28. Running WordPress, Install Caching plugin

Caching plugins can boos up your sites speed by very good percent. Without using the caching plugin, wordpress is a heavy to run on database. This effects when you are having a good traffic on your website, it will make the website slow and less responsive.

Using a Plugin WP Rocket  or other similar plugin will sort your purpose out.

29. Accelerated Mobile Pages

accelerated mobile pages are the mobile friendly version of your pages which makes your post much more faster on the mobile pages.Google has already started marking the mobile accelerated pages and will surely soon make the rankings high for these pages. Use  plugin to make AMP in order to make a friendly mobile version of your website.

30. Use High Quality snippets And structured Data.

Getting a rank in organic search and getting organic traffic is one of the most difficult and competitive task these days. You should do every possible thing to make position in organic search and get some clicks.

Snippets are descriptive in HTML tags which helps the search bots to crawl and understand the content more easily.

31. High Ranking Keywords with less CTR.

Search analytics report given by google search console is one of the most useful report. It helps in finding out the keywords that have below average CTR. You can Simply make the search for these keywords and further make the SEO on the post to make and grab the traffic. Just make sure to search the keyword and then notice the top five keywords with click through rate(CTR).

32. Update Your Content Regularly

You should make a routine from your daily activities to make the content upgraded. A regularly updated content maintains the ranking of the post and even increase the traffic on the post with time. simply Updating the old content is simply a good way to boost up your SEO for the website and search traffic rankings.


When we are talking about SEO, Then certainly the link building is one of the important and must raking factor. Link Popularity have much higher impact on the google rankings for any content. there is a veru deep correlation between the link and SEO. thus in order rank number one in google, you simply have to make some links which effects the ranking of your website. Here are some good link building tips for you to follow.

33. Fix up your Broken Backlinks

For this tool along, you can use the tools like “broken links or best buy links on ahrefs”, can take you to the page with tons of broken links. You can simply make that links to direct to your page or just make the 301 redirect. Fixing up your or others broken links will boost your SEO instantly.

34. Get your competitor’s broken Links

You just need to do is find the broken links of your competitors site and just make them to point toward your pages. You can simply do this by offering your post sources as the lead to all broken links. You can find the broken backlinks to your competitor site by simply using “Broken backlinks Tools”.

35. Building Links That Provide Actual Traffic

Here we should talk about bringing the links that brings actual traffic to your site. The most easy way is by the links that draw actual traffic to your site. All the referral type of links that are bringing the traffic to your website are simply the good links to build up your SEO or your website. These links are also safe for the sake of google’s future updates.

In making the links, you should firstly refer o the websites traffic and rankings. This will ensure you about the traffic that your website could get from the referred links. Explore the site enough and try to build up the links from the related contents of the website that matches the content you want to build a link upon.

Google also make check on the links and he possibility of the links to be clicked before ranking for any website. I thus recommend to build a strong link that get its chances to be clicked.

36. Also have Some ‘Nofollow Links”

Do follow links are always been better for SEo as they simply drag some traffic to our website. Still it is also the fact that all the nofollow links are also accepted by the SEO by the search engine bots. Having a mixture of both Do Follow and NoFollow Links in your backlink profile, will help you up in making some good rankings.

37.Anchor Text links

Keywords that are used in anchor text have a strong influence in search result rankings. Make your Anchor text diversified and use 1 keyword only at a time.

38.Remove or Disavow the Bad quality Links

If you are seriously interested in earning then make sure that you do not go for a bad quality link. These links can adversely effect the rankings for your content. Having a Bad quality link is a sign of making a bad SEO. Using the link explorer tools you should keep the track of the backlinks and their quality pointing towards your site. this has a great effect in the SEO of the content or your webpage.

39. Find the links pointing towards your competitor.

If any site is giving links to the competitor site of yours, then certainly you can grab the traffic to your site too. closely monitoring the backlinks and then you can use export backlinks options on ahrefs, can bring some of the links to your webpage too.

40. Find websites that are linked with your competitors and try to grab to your sites too

41.  Spy on your competitors backlinks profiles

Keep the track on your competitors backlinks sources and keep a good watch on their SEO and marketing strategies. Simply spy and steal those unique SEo techniques and make your own way towards SE.

42. Find Competitors most used links

look up for your competitors links profile and find out the best and mot used links of your competitors website. These links will surely help you to understand that which links and which content does you competitor ranks for.Find more linking sites and grab more links to your page.

43. Create some Linkbaits

Make some contents that are good and shareable. the more the nature of the content to be a shareable he more you get links to your content and boost up SEO. It is also one of the small but important tip to be taken care when talking of SEO tips. Use links that can make your content viral. Making a viral content also helps out to make a good amount of SEO to your website.

44. Increase your traffic with contacting bloggers

There is another simple way to reach bloggers and get backlinks to your contents. Its simple keep track on the keywords and websites of other bloggers. Whenever they publish a new content related to your keywords or may be not related, just try to contact the authors and ask them to give you a fresh backlink. Ask them this in favor of something you may like to have. Either you can buy the link from them or you can ask the link in return of something else like few more forward links or a content in return to be shared will definitely help you out.

45. Generate Traffic through Emails.

This is also another way of boosting the SEO for your website. Its simple , make a list of emails, either your subscriber or may be through some outer source, and forward them informing about the new content that you have given to google so far. you can use tools like Buzzstream , Pitchbox or yesware, to make the email marketing in more easy and sufficient way. These tools can save you a lot of time by sending the pre generated  or your selected emails in queue to all the list of emails you have entered along with using emails from its own database in the case of paid usage. An email marketing is also a good way to attract SEO towards your website.

46. Review, refresh and re purpose your content again and again

Keep updating and renovating your content and make it more informative with the changing time and try to share your content more and more to other websites. Make more and more inbound links from social media and keep updating the content. Divert the traffic to your website from thee other sources. Also make some pages and share the content on various social media which are giving back the link to your site too. Make sure to delete all your posts that are not driving traffic towards them and simply paste them to social media conent website.

There is no problem in sharing the post, as long as you are giving backlinks to the original content.

47. Grab Links from wikipedia

One another way is to get the links from Wikipedia. Links from wikipedia are also one the good thing for making good SEO to your website. But make sure hat your link stays with Wikipedia too. It is actually the case that whenever y add a link in wikipedia it stays for a while but whenever the mod checks for the content and if the content is not found relative or informative, then your link is removed from wikipedia. Make sure you have a good link from wikipedia. and the link is maintained.

48. Answer FAQs to drag traffic

Making links from FAQ sites like quora or other forums will not bee good enough for the SEO of your website still it will drive some traffic to your website. This is because people curious to get some answers also clicks on the links which they think to be related to their questions. Thus is is also a good option to have backlinks from forums or question answer websites.

Also , the people that comes to your page through these links builds and gets some trust in your website once they get any satisfactory answers and will become your websites frequent user soon.

49. Running a Brand? Link it up to your page

It is one of the many ways to achieve quick seo for your website soon. Its nothing the hard thing to achieve. If you are running like a brand, ask and mention for your link in the brand name that may have been used by any other user from anywhere else.

50. Add links to new websites

No matter if the website is new. If you see the website relevant and seems to have a potential , then certainly you should add up with a link to your website from there. Its simple, With over tie the websites grow and makes more users in day by day. Thus is easy to simply make the links from these websites, as with the increase in the rank of such websites will certainly make your website to get traffic from these sources too.

51. Using Copyright Materials.

It dosen’t mean that you just copy someone post to get some SEO for your website. Copied content makes the negative effect on the ranking in google. However if the link to the original post is present with these copied content. In this manner you can say that the copied content are also he gem for your website. Just make sure to give or exchange he links of the copied content so that it does not comply with any copyright and also drives traffic.

52.  Give your Contents an easy boost for SEO by internal links.

Prepared your best content. Now its the time to boost up your content for SEO and get some page views. A simple method is to give the internal links to your post which will surely make the Boost for your SEO on the content. make couple of nternel minks from your best pages to your best posts. This will be another way t silently boost the SEO for your content without anyone permissions .

Technical SEO Techniques

Till now we have learned many things to completely do your SEO properly and grab traffic. Starting with the keyword  research to find the best effective keyword and further making more SEO. Second we talked about the making of great content , then comes the SEO. By continuing about the SEO here’s another method of SEO i.e. Technical SEO.

Technical SEO means that site is flawless and ready for your success and earning now. That your site do not give any big errors or any type of hindrance in any type and makes a good SEO for your website.

Technical SEO is anothe very much important point to be taken care of in making a good SEO for your Website. Here are the lit of another following Technical SEO for you;

53. Make Content Hierarchy

Make a effective hierarchy structure for your website. Make the navigation of the site in such a way that it is easily accessible between the categories and posts. Make your home page easily navigability and try to make the Static Homepage giving different links from the page.Make you important pages and posts also accessible from different pages too.

54. Use both with and without www. URL.

However it is something feeling to be crazy but it is the point that google still considers the same website as to entity if accesed (by www. or without www.).

For Example, and are considered as different element by the google.

You could use conical URL, or or 301 redirect in such cases to make a good SEo rank for both the address to same page in front of google search bots. You should also use both type of doai format in google search console too for Seo.

55. Set Conical URL.

Add conical links to the pages hat have similar type of contents. Like in the cases of the Ecommerce websites many similar URL are created as they have so much of resembling content together.

56. Block Google crawling bots from sensitive contents.

Block googlebot and crawl robots from the sensitive part of your page like admin section. You can block them in the robot.txt Section of your websites dashboard page.

57. Use 301 Redirects

You should always remember to make a use of 301 redirects to point all type of old and new URL. Google in its recent updated also confirmed that 31 redirects give full link juice.

You can use free redirect plugins like Redirection, to easily make all the broken and old links to 301 redirect.

58. Use CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) for SEO.

It is a bit typically thing to do for your SEO, however it is very much effective in making a good SEO for your website. You have a website, then you must have any hosting to host your website. Now i would like to say that suppose your server is located USA. Now any user sitting in Russia or UK, who wants to access the content that you have published, this means that the data has traveled half he world to reach a user. Thus this makes it slow and delayed response for the webpage which creates a negative effect on your SEO. Thus using CDN save he copies of your webpages in the other servers too like a server in UK or Russia, which makes it easy to access and quick loading. Thus create as much as CDN as you can.

59. Install SSL Cerificates

Try to consider to move your website to SSL, which can inturn boost up the SEO for you. Google improves the ranking in very small but appreciable manner for the websites with SSL certificates. Google gives a small sites ranking over HTTPS, thus this can be another alternative SEo technique.

60. Site Identity Potential

Run the search on the google i.e. ” site : “, this well make you the clear results about how many pages does have ranked for your website. It will show you with the list of all the pages that are been indexed by the google from your website.

Make sure that if you see more results and pages from google then you have expected , then there is some sort of indexing issues from google that need to be fixed. This check for the settings and errors in the google webmasters tool.

61. get Google expert Advice’s.

Google ha a unique feature to tell you about the problems that your website is occurring with , which is leading to the bad SEO for your website. Google gives you with the feedback that what improvements you should be making in the google in order to make improvement.

You just have to do is sign up in the Google search Console. And start indexing and fixing problems for your website easily. Use google crawl error reports to find the error and fix them up by fetching them to you homepage again.

For any types of 404 errors (not found) you should use the 301 redirects in order to directly make your errors rectified.

Also do not forget to run HTML improvements too. it will also be a good and useful tool for SEO of your website.

62. Submit the Sitemap

You must add a sitemap of your website to google in order to make sure that all the pages of your website are located easily and can be crawled by the searchbots easily. Submitting a Sitemap to the google is effective and efficient technique to make the google rankings and better SEO. You can make your own sitemap or you can easily use any plugin like google XML sitemaps.

63. Re-crawl For pages

Force google to make re-crawl to all your pages within few days gap to your website. This will be a good and efficient way to index pages again with any type of changes also that may have been made. Whenever you make any update to your post section simply make the crawl and fetch the contents.

Miscellaneous SEO Techniques

Well till now we have discussed different SEO techniques easily. Here another previously as you have noticed i have made a good explanation about different ways for Seo by defining them into differen ways and categories you should take care off. Still as you know there is many more. the Techniques that cannot be fitted into any category still needs to be mentioned are to be continued furher;

64. Remove or minimize Small Contents.

Google search bots simply penalise the websites which are have more of the thin and duplicate content. However one or two from twenty posts can be considered but getting more smaller post or duplicate content will surely be penalized by the google search bots easily. Using google noindex options simply make them out of the google index alogarithm.

65. Make crawl / submit url to google.

Another simple way is by submitting the url customly for indexing to the google after you have published any newer content. you can simply visit to the google webmasters submit url option and submit your url for new contents.

66. Check Website for any Hacks or links that you don’t know.

In case your website gets hacked then certainly your positions and ranking will drop soon. Na google may also remove your SERP which leads to the end of organic traffic. Thus keep the track on the website for any suspicious activity and outbound links that may be the reason to make your website blacklisted.

67. Check for sudden drop in traffic

Make check for the sudden drop in any traffic that may have occured. It may be possible the drop in the traffic may be due to the reason of the problems t your website. it may be the cause the you have some code error in the analytics, or may be your host went down, or may be the reason that there is some pnalityy generated on your website. In such cases you must seek sudden help though. Make sue to analyse the traffic as may be the negative SEO  to your website.

68. Look for Notifications.

Look out for the notiications in the email. You may recieve any notification for sudden traffic drop. It may be possible that there may have been a review done on your website. In case of the personal reviews done in your website and if a user found anything suspicious then it is the chance then it may be reported. It can be due to these reasons;
Overly aggressive, or manipulative link building;
Low-quality content;
Suspicious outbound links;
Unmoderated user generated content;
Manipulative use of schema markup


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