Norton Deluxe Security 2018 Review

Norton Deluxe security is another program from Symantec Labs. Norton Deluxe security  antivirus is the edition from norton which provides security upto 5 devices with one only License. Norton Deluxe security 2018 is an ideal purchase for the family, offices, tech lovers, multitasking people , etc. Norton Deluxe security comes with 100% money back guarantee.

Norton Deluxe security 2018 antivirus is one of the best software for a normal level of computer users. With its 5 device protection included in the Norton Deluxe security  2018 edition, its make much more convenient for average users to secure all of their devices. However every software gives different experience and is different in its running, and it also depends on the users about which type of solutions they like. Thus here I have tested the software for different devices in order to make a complete proper review. On running the tests on the different devices, it was found that in some Norton Deluxe security  ran smooth while in some of the software it created some sort of errors. However if we look for the overall performance of Norton Deluxe security  018 antivirus, then it can be said that Norton is still onto its name of the best. We recommend Norton Deluxe security 2018 as a good rated and easy to use software when we talk of deluxe security

Norton Deluxe security 2018 Review

Norton Deluxe security  is a very powerful antivirus and security software program, Norton Deluxe security defends your device against any type of spyware, malware, viruses, phishing, adware, Trojan horses, and many other threats.  Norton Deluxe security  is also good at keeping your personal information secure by keeping an eye on the inks you browse, email , transactions to check for the security and further check for the source for its security and licence and makes sure that the source is trusted.

Norton antivirus has been into the industry for so long. Its one of he oldest company for developing the antivirus software. Norton Antivirus is a old and strong protector of the  personal computers and the data from decades now. However norton have different versions for its antivirus software, it can be said that comparing the versions there may be many advanced versions of norton itself maybe available or maybe a product of any other company. But with Norton Deluxe security  antivirus 2018, Norton promises to take care of 5 devices with one single purchase , which also makes  Norton Deluxe security  antivirus, one of the best and affordable with efficiency in its runtime.

Test on Norton Deluxe security 2018

In order to make the complete test of the performance of the Norton Deluxe security  Antivirus 2018, we made installation of the software on five different devices with one user key. These devices were
1 desktop PC,
2 laptop PC,
3 Macbook Air,
4 iPhone, and
5 Android deluxe security

  • Norton Deluxe security  was a quick to load software. The problem arise was firstly that after installation every device needed to restart in order to take effect on the device.
  • Overall the interface of Norton Deluxe security  is sober and easy to understand.
  • The Quick Scan is quick enough to start scan within seconds and scanned the whole computer within 10 to 20 minutes.
  • However I will advice to make a complete scan that too if you have just installed the software.
  • Full Scan on the devices with Norton Deluxe security  took about an hour, But the results and solutions were satisfactory.
  • Norton Deluxe security  Showed the complete list of threats found all 5 device in which the antivirus was installed.
  • The power to erase and rectify all the threats within minutes also makes Norton Deluxe security  antivirus a reliable software.
  • The User Interface of Norton Deluxe security is incredibly easy to navigate through when conducting basic processes, but becomes a bit more difficult when attempting more advanced ones.
  • Norton Deluxe security crashed once while it was being running on the desktop and showed some gliches on android and iphone, but overall it was proven as a good ranked software.
  • After the complete scan on all five devices , Norton Deluxe security  antivirus 2018 found about 96% of the threats and was able to remove and rectify 95.5% of the threats present.


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Key Features :

  • Free virus removal
  • Coverage for up to 5 devices
  • Quick Scan & Full Scan options
  • Simple to navigate user interface
  • Effective threat detection and removal system
  • Money back guarantee

Suggested improvements:norton deluxe security

Norton Deluxe security  requires to be restarted in order to run. Norton Deluxe security also uses a major portion of CPU and memories as compared to other antivirus software’s available.

Skills Needed

Norton Deluxe security  is simple and equipped with a user friendly interface which makes it much re easy and good to use. A beginner can easily grab the functions and steps in order to use the Norton Deluxe security  antvirus.

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Norton Deluxe Security 2018

Norton Deluxe Security 2018












  • Free virus removal
  • Quick Navigational user interface
  • Quick and full scan options
  • Covers 5 devices with one liscense
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • PC needs restarting in order to make complete scan
  • requires high amount of CPU configurations