Best Antivirus for MAC

Apple devices don’t get infected quite as often as Windows, still MAC are exposed and vulnerable to malware threats. So I researched upon the best antivirus for MAC based on the results according to the performance rates , conducting my own tests, and ranking the features for ranking the best antivirus software for MAC. Here is the list of the best Antivirus Software Available for MAC

1. Bitdefender
2. Kaspersky
3. Norton
4. Trend Micro
5. F-secure
6. Avast
7. Intigo

Best MAC antivirus software

Well from using MAC over a 2 years now, I have seem many threats and dealt with them. I personally feel the Kaspersky to be the best antivirus software for MAC. I am currently using a premium version for Kaspersky antivirus for MAC premium version since then. By considering the points of threats, adware, adblocks, key-loggers, I prefer kespersky s he best antivirus software for the MAC. It even includes the results that have been surfed up upon the internet on various review websites for bringing out the best review for you for best antivirus software for MAC.

The best antivirus software for Mac all around.

On considering the various antivirus softwares for MAC, we made a research on the best tool available in the internet for best protection of your PC. Kespersky Internet security 2017 is he best antivirus for MAC. It is a powerful antivirus software for MAC, which have good access of controls. It protects the computer for internet viruses and threats without any kind of lag in the computer. However kaspersky antivirus for MAC lag in the password or mobile protection options, still it has some of the unique table of parental controls, which make kespersky the best antivirus software for the internet. These controls are good enough to moniter the kids by using parental controls of browsing or even their social media account updates. It can also prevent your kids from sharing their personal information’s like phone numbers, addresses, etc. You can even use social media to block any type of content you want to keep off your kids.

best antivirus for MAC

However, the Kespersky antivirus has been indulged in using some of the government departments along with its connections with Russian Government, but as well as considering the normal level of protection of your MAC if you are a normal user for MAC, then its not any problem. Kaspersky is still the best program in order to be used as Antivirus in MAC, and proves to best antivirus for MAC.

Cost effective best Antivirus for MAC

Avast antivirus Security for Mac is free antivirus program which scans your MAC, email and connected devices. Avast Antivirus for MAC readily scans your computer for malware from your mobile devices when you connect them to your computer with a USB port. Avast antvirus have a gamers mode, which switches on automatically in the cases when user start playing games or start watching online movies, Avast includes a password manager as in these cases you are logged in online t many sort of accounts and the software includes a password manager to protect your usernames and passwords from keyloggers as you access online accounts.

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Best Antivirus for MAC for multiple users

Almost all the antivirus security companies have different versions for both windows and MAC. The antivirus for both the type of operating systems, is designed and coded separately however, the Norton antivirus is same or the platforms of windows and MAC. In order to run the same program for both, Windows or MAC, or multiple computers, a different licences key is required for the Norton Antivirus, Still the same software runs on both the platforms. Norton security also secures a good ranking in the third party tests and it is consistent in finding and isolating the threats like keyloggers , malwares, etc.

Requirements for Antivirus in MAC

Apple products are becoming the targets to malware, ransom-ware, etc more frequently these days. However, the company provides its user with great level of operating systems which includes a good level of antivirus tools, third party protection tools, but still a antivirus that is from another company, provides a extra layer of protection to the system against viruses. Apple devices are however mostly immune to viruses or bugs, still it can become a host to malwares and spread it along your emails, USB, External drives, even instant messages, or user logins, to different windows operated computers. A good version of antivirus program installed in your MAC can easily make it easier for you to play safe when you are interacting with any of the friends , family members, or your business associates.

Results review for Antivirus in MAC

As I could not get my MAC infected in order to test the antivirus for MAC , so I installed the antivirus software in MAC and further tested t by plugging in the infected pendrive. The software was easy to install and start a quick scan for my computer. Antivirus took about a hour to completely scan my 256 GB MAC book Air, and showed the results of 2 to 3 infections and got it rectified. However, when used the infected pendrive, the software automatically detected the virus malware presence on the flash drive and prompted to make a scan and fix. The drive was almost fixed as I could not detect any further viruses attack on both my MAC and windows 10 desktop too.
I also searched n te internet and found two laboratories that conducts test on the antivirus software for moth known and unknown live malwares and treats and generate their reports. AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, made tier reports on all sort of or say about 90% of the threats present on the internet, so it makes easy for them to get a pro result for the best antivirus software for MAC too.

Although they don’t get infected quite as often as Windows PCs, Macs are certainly exposed and vulnerable to malware threats. We looked at detection and performance rate results from independent labs, conducted our own testing, and evaluated additional features to find the best Mac antivirus programs.