APFS – Apple file System Complete review

In its world developers confrence, apple revieled a new file system to be supported in te new generation of devices fo data storage in all apple devices. The Apple’s new file system is described by the company as APFS ( Apple file sysem ).

HFS and HFS+ have become mor then 30 years old now. These file systems HFS and HFS+ were developed in the times when floppy drives or any other sort of spinning drives were in the technology to store data on that. In these file systems , file size was calkulated in KB and MB, However these days there are plenty of files availabe accounting to the heavy data storages like in terabytes and megabyes. And with the increase in the digitizaton, it is become now more important to have some data to be secure. thus apple thought to intoduce a new file system for the decades to come now.

APFS comes with a range of  features including support for 64-bit i-node numbering, and improved granularity of object time-stamping.APFS supports nanosecond time stamp granularity rather than the 1-second time stamp granularity in HFS+. It also supports copy-on-write metadata scheme which aims to ensure that file system commits and writes to the file system journal stay in sync even if “something happens during the write like if the system loses power.The new file system offers an improvement over Apple’s previous full-disk encryption File Vault application. It also features Snapshots, and Clones. APFS can create file or directory clones like a pro next-gen file systems, it does so instantly, rather than having to wait for data to be copied. The concept of space sharing in AFPS, where multiple volumes can be created out of the same physical space. Now you can create four 1TB volumes on a single 1TB disk, and each volume grows as space is added to it. You can add physical storage to keep up with the volume’s growth without having to resize the logical volume. Since te things for AFPS are at early stage, Apple file system may take some more time before it get rolled into the public.

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